Friday, September 21, 2012

Kabuto Restaurant

5121 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118

Occasion: Dinner date with the BFF! This is definitely a hole in the wall gem of the Richmond district. You can easily pass by and miss this.  Definitely do not judge a book by it's cover with Kabuto because they create some of the most unique sushi rolls.  Their rolls are not only very innovative they're also delicious. The combination of ingredients used in each sushi roll is so out of the ordinary and I could not possibly imagine it working, but it does.  I love love love this place.   Each roll is so flavorful on it's own that we don't even need to dip it into anything. The rolls are authentic with a modern twist. I would highly recommend this place for those with an open mind and enjoy good food. 08.14.12

16-20 Kiss
Black Tiger Shrimp Sushi with avocado wrapped with thin slice marinated radish served with Kabuto chocolate sauce
Hamachi Pear
Yellowtail sushi topped with sliced pear and Kabuto fruity mustard sauce
Halibut and salsa wrapped with deep fried seaweed and served with lime and sea salt
Crunchy Sushi
Tempura halibut served with Kabuto special curry sauce
Ono Grape
Wahoo sushi topped with grapefruit and basil cream sauce
1869 Oyster Shot

Baby Main Lobster

Sauteed Abalone
It was on their daily special menu.  Jenny loves abalone everything and anything so we had to get it.  It reminded me of a creamy abalone risotto.  There were a few chunks of mango which added a nice sweetness to it.
Saikyo Sushi
Grilled marinated Black Cod served with uzu-Kosho gravy
Spoon full of goodness. I love love love black cod, so this appealed to me.  It was buttery soft with a hint of sweetness to it.
Hot Apple
Seared scallop sushi served with apple and fruity mustard sauce
Shrimp almond aged
Deep fried prawns coated with almonds
We saw the couple next to us eating this and we kept eyeing it. By the end of their dinner, we had exchanged our insights on places to eat in the city and some opinion on our food.  They highly recommended this and we did not regret it at all. The almonds definitely added a fun crunchy texture to this dish. Not your typical tempura like dish.

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